Research Articles

Research Articles/Reports

1) Stable Regime, Historiography and Truth Commissions: A Case Study of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement of Pakistan read article article

2) IDMC report:

Massive new displacement and falling returns require rights-based response
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IDMC briefing paper:
Displacement and negotiations in Kurram, 2007-2011 read article article

A critical perspective on a recent survey of opinion in Pakistan’s tribal zone
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5) The year of the drone misinformation  read article article

6) Knowledge construction about FATA: a critical approach to research  read article article

A context-sensitive approach to immigrant Pakistani women’s
rights in Norway
read article article

8) CIA drone strikes and “loss” of actionable intelligence  read article article

9) Drone attacks: Pakistan’s policy and the tribesmen’s perspective  read article article

10) Resisting displacement by the Taliban in Pakistan read article article