Taliban and Anti-Taliban   see on:   amazon


-> Academic reviews of Taliban and Anti-Taliban:

Sushant Sareen  see attachment pdf

Thomas A. Marks  see attachment pdf

Priyanka Singh  read review article


-> Media reviews of “Taliban and Anti-Taliban”

1.Khaled Ahmed
Friday Times, Pakistan
Another book to kill for? read review article

2. Terry Glavin
The Final Nail In The Coffin Of The Pakistani Pantomime?  read review article

3. Riffat Orakzai
BBC Urdu read review article

4. ‘Hamaqat Amli’
Weekly Viewpoint Online read review article

5. Ulf Andenæs
Daily Aftenposten, Norway
Al-Qaidas mektige hjelpere read review article


-> Forthcoming book:

Taj, Farhat (2016 forthcoming) The Real Pashtun Question. New Delhi: Kautilya